Hygiene Treatment

The two main causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease. The more we prevent these two problems, the more chance you have of keeping your teeth for life.

At Arrowe Park Dental Practice we can help you prevent fillings and extractions and work out a maintenance plan to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. Some signs that your mouth may need a little TLC are:

  • Arrowe Park Dental Practice strongly advises flossing your teeth
  • Flossing your teeth can improve your teeth and gum health

Sensitive teeth

One cause of sensitivity is erosion, which can be can be caused by your diet. High sugar or high acid food or drink, tooth brushing habits, tooth grinding and certain medical conditions can all contribute to tooth erosion. Once the enamel of the tooth is eroded the dentine is exposed which can lead to pain and sensitivity.

Healthy gums

Looking after your gums is as important as looking after your teeth. They surround and protect your teeth, so if they get infected and show signs of bleeding you could have gum disease.

  • Happy child brushing his teeth
  • young child brushing his teeth

Bad breath

Bad breath can be caused by many issues, one of which can be poor dental hygiene. Without regular brushing and flossing, bacteria and bits of food can get trapped in between your teeth, which release an unpleasant odour after some time. Bad breath is also caused or made worse by strong foods like garlic, onions and coffee.

Children’s teeth

Of course regular dental hygiene from a young age will help ensure children won’t suffer from untreated dental decay with devastating effects to their growing dentition. We have a number of preventive treatments that our team can provide for children.

Fluoride applications are a safe and effective way to safeguard your growing child’s teeth from developing decay. The fluoride is painted onto the surface of the child’s teeth and this helps to mineralise the teeth. Fissure sealants are tooth coloured and applied to biting surfaces of children’s teeth to prevent decay.

Treating a child from an early age also allows the dentist to spot early signs of underbites, cross bites or overbites developing. As with most things, the sooner you can start to treat it, the quicker it can be resolved.

Regular check-ups and a personalised dental care plan can prevent enamel erosion, gum disease, bad breath and spot any early signs of long term dental issues. Call us today on 0151 677 3703 to develop a personalised dental care plan for a long lasting smile.